SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Question: I Have Two Sites That Mirror Each Other In Content But Utilize Different Keywords and Meta Tags. Will This Help My Chances For Ranking Or Hurt Them? I have two sites that use basically the same content, but are focused on different keywords and have unique meta descriptions. I was told this would help […]

SEO Question: Does The Length Of Time (Domain Age) That a Site Or Domain Name Has Existed Play In Search Engine Placement? I want to change my domain name for a new one that’s more appropriate for our business, but we currently use a URL we have had since 2002. Will a new domain name without […]

SEO Question: Once You Begin Using SEO, How Long Until You See Improvement In Your Search Engine Placement? If I start SEO on my website, how long will it take before I start to see results? Deeho Says: SEO is a two part process, firstly your on-page SEO is carried out which will make your web […]

SEO Question: What are SERPs? The term SERPs seems to be used a lot, but what does SERPs mean? Deeho Says: SERPs is an abbreviation for Search Engine Rank Positions, and is the order in which organic (natural) results appear in each search engine. If a site is referred to as doing well in SERPs, then […]

SEO Question: How Is SEO Different From SEM? I keep reading about SEO and also SEM. What is the difference between the two terms? Deeho Says: SEO and SEM are quite different. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of fine tuning your website in order to achieve the highest organic […]

SEO Question: Do Different Search Engines Need Different SEO Strategies? I would love to rank well in Google, Bing, Yahoo and smaller search engines too. Do they use similar algorithms to provide results or do I have to use different strategies & do different things to improve rankings in the other search engines? Deeho Says: Before […]

SEO Question: Is It Normal For Search Rankings To Fluctuate Daily? My rankings seem to move up and down on a daily basis. Is this normal? Many of my competitors appear to be much more stable than my site is in SERPs? Deeho Says: The way Google works means that there will always be movements in […]