SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Question: Does Content Length Matter? I’ve been told that some of my blog posts are too short. How long should they be? Does content length really matter? Deeho Says: That age old question…. does size matter?! YES… of course it does. Think of it this way….. I could have answered your question by just says […]

SEO Question: What Is W3C Compliance? I’ve been told that my website isn’t W3C Compliant. What is W3C Compliance and how can I check and make the necessary changes? Deeho Says: W3C compliance is a set of criteria for your HTML & CSS which ensures that your code is presented to a uniform specification as laid […]

SEO Question: Is Hosting Important For SEO? I have set my site up on the cheapest hosting I could find & my site appears OK. I keep reading stuff about hosting being very important if you want to really perform well. How true is that & is hosting important? Deeho Says: Hosting is a critical component […]

SEO Question: What Is PageRank? **** GOOGLE PAGE RANK NO LONGER EXISTS – IT HAS BEEN SUPERCEDED BY TRUST AND AUTHORITY DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) SCORES **** Pagerank is a term that is used a lot, but what is it and is it important? Deeho Says: Google PageRank has been retired. Or at […]

SEO Question: Will I Have To Start Again To SEO My Website? I am worried that I will have to redo my website from scratch and start again if i’m going to optimize my site? It sounds like a huge amount of work and investment to be SEO friendly. Deeho Says: Not necessarily, it’s quite rare […]

SEO Question: What Are Top-Level Domains? The term ‘top-level domains’ is used a lot, but what does it mean? Deeho Says: Top-level domains refers to your main URL & only the part of your domain after the last full stop. You might have numerous sub-domains within your TLD, but it is just the last part that […]

SEO Question: What Is Long Tail Traffic? I’ve been told to focus on long tail traffic for my SEO campaign, but I’m not sure I understand the term fully. Please can you explain? Deeho Says: Keywords can be split up into several different categories. The main two are long tail and short tail. Short tail keywords […]

SEO Question: How Do I Check If My Site Is Search Engine Friendly? I would like to analyse my site to check it’s search engine friendly, especially for Google. How do I go about carrying out the necessary checks? Deeho Says: There isn’t one tool that will check everything for you, so you will need to […]

SEO Question: Do Pages With Query Strings Rank As Well As Without Query Strings? My site generates dynamic pages depending on the way visitors navigate through the site. This means that the same page of content can have multiple query strings in it’s URL. I suspect this is affecting my Google rankings, but i don’t know […]

SEO Question: What is Search Spam, or SEO Spam? Can you tell me what’s considered to be search or SEO spam? Deeho Says: SEO spam is a term that describes everything that falls outside of Google best practice. Commonly called ‘Black Hat SEO‘, search spam includes cloaking (whereby you show Google Bot a different page to […]