SEO Question: Will I Have To Start Again To SEO My Website?

I am worried that I will have to redo my website from scratch and start again if i’m going to optimize my site? It sounds like a huge amount of work and investment to be SEO friendly.

Deeho Says:

Not necessarily, it’s quite rare for a website to be totally unfit for purpose. Many of the elements that you need to optimize might be OK to adapt to suit, while some others may need a rebuild.

If you don’t have a mobile version for example, it’s possible to create a version that will do the job for you rather than to start again with a responsive platform with mobile compatibility built in.

Load speed is also important and some clunky ole sites are a challenge to speed up, but again there are often lots of steps that can be taken to compress content using Gzip, minify CSS and Java, and other techniques that will reduce the overall file size of your pages.

Without a full analysis of your site it’s difficult to say with confidence that your site can be effectively optimised to rank well in Google…..

Once you have the results of an SEO Audit, you will be armed with the information you need & will know if you will have to start again or whether you can adapt your existing site to rank well.

Every website is different, so taking shortcuts at this stage is not advisable.

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