SEO Question: What is Search Spam, or SEO Spam?

Can you tell me what’s considered to be search or SEO spam?

Deeho Says:

SEO spam is a term that describes everything that falls outside of Google best practice. Commonly called ‘Black Hat SEO‘, search spam includes cloaking (whereby you show Google Bot a different page to real users), keyword stuffing, hidden text, doorway pages, mirror websites, hidden links, link farms, low quality guest blogs, article spinning and more.

There are people out there who use these tactics for ‘churn and burn’ sites, designed to have a limited life span, but to rank well in the short term.

Many of these practices don’t work at all because google has developed complex ways to identify them and remove them from their index.

Using low quality black hat SEO techniques as your strategy isn’t something that we would ever recommend because it won’t give you long term stability and consistency in SERPs.

Google rankings are all about quality, trust and authority. If you instead choose low quality practices to attempt to game the search results, you run the very real risk of being heavily penalised.

It doesn’t matter to Google whether they include you in their listings or not….. there will always be another result to replace yours, so you need to do everything you can to convince them that you are a trustworthy website that deserves to be included in their SERPs.

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