SEO Question: What Is PageRank?

Pagerank is a term that is used a lot, but what is it and is it important?

Deeho Says:

Google PageRank has been retired. Or at least it’s no longer being published for the world to see.

Originally created to apply a relative value to each page in Google index, named after its creator, Larry Page. Page Rank perpetuated the pursuit for link building, boosting Page Rank (PR) in an effort to boost rankings in SERPs.

In recent years it has lost its influence, being replaced by a much more complex scoring system revolving around Trust & Authority.

Google PR is dead, in many ways it won’t be missed. It was a crude measurement process that is no longer required.

Don’t pay any attention to your current PR score, it is not relevant to your website any longer.

Instead, it’s important to concentrate on building your websites online trust and authority. Use either or to review the trust flow, domain flow and citation flow metrics of the back-links pointing to your site pages.

Relevant trust flow is the new PR and will give you the rankings you need if you build it steadily.

Relevance means creating contextual links from well respected sites that themselves carry good trust and citation flow metrics. Sites are categorised using DMoz categories, so a legal site ideally needs to obtain links from society/law category sites to dominate SERPs.

There is of course some leeway with categorisation, but in the coming years, more and more sites categorisation will adapt towards their most suitable category meaning that the effort you put in now to building highly focused links on good quality sites will pay more and more dividends as time passes.

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