SEO Question: Does Content Length Matter?

I’ve been told that some of my blog posts are too short. How long should they be? Does content length really matter?

Deeho Says:

That age old question…. does size matter?! YES… of course it does.

Think of it this way….. I could have answered your question by just says “yes, write 500 words minimum”, but that wouldn’t satisfy the needs of search engines to provide a comprehensive search result. In turn, my short answer wouldn’t rank very high in Google and so you would never find me, would never ask this question and the page would never exist!

Google wants to provide searchers with the best, most well presented solutions to search queries that it can. It follows therefore that a full post containing everything you might need to know bout content length will rank higher than a short brief concise answer.

The key to this is to provide quality content that helps people. In turn, when they find your page they will stick around, read the content, and then maybe click through to another page of your site, confirming to Google that your page is a good result to show to its users.

As a rule of thumb & from our extensive testing, 500 + words rank better (generally) then shorter posts of 300 – 500 words.

300+ word length pages are preferable to pages with less than 300 words so 300 should be your absolute minimum per page.

However…. there is very little point just filling space on your page with nonsense, low quality content, duplicate content etc. Your text needs to adhere to high quality guidelines if you want to reap the rewards.

If you have a great deal of content on the same subject then don’t be afraid to write a mega post with thousands of words. If your content covers several different areas of a subject, you can often achieve better results by splitting in into several posts, focused on each topic or subject.

If you keep thinking about overall quality then you will ultimately produce the high grade content that Google and the other search engines want to see.

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