SEO Question: Do Different Search Engines Need Different SEO Strategies?

I would love to rank well in Google, Bing, Yahoo and smaller search engines too. Do they use similar algorithms to provide results or do I have to use different strategies & do different things to improve rankings in the other search engines?

Deeho Says:

Before 2011, the major search engines all use basically the same metrics to measure websites. For then though, Google has made significant steps forwards, introducing trust, authority & quality metrics to filter less desirable results from their results.

This has given them a different set of SERPs results to the other search engines & it’s generally considered to be harder to rank first in google than it is for the other engines.

Google however has the bulk of the search traffic so the rewards are much greater for earning good rankings.

Our current observations are that if you optimize effectively for Google, you will deliver Bing / Yahoo results, which if you are doing everything right will be higher than your Google results.

Bing has been growing its market share in recent times, with all Bing properties currently servicing 32% of searches. (Bing provides search and Advertising for Yahoo which actually has 12% of the share market with Bing itself on 20%).

Google is still the largest search engine with 65% of search traffic.

Whatever you choose in terms of SE strategies, the basic concept of good quality content and site construction, backed up with backlinks that carry good trust and authority metrics will get you in front of targeted traffic.

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