SEO Question: Why Can’t I Just Put A Bunch Of Keywords In My Website’s Copy?

SEO sounds quite complicated, why can’t I just add a load of keywords i want to rank for and leave it at that?

Deeho Says:

You can……!! There is nothing that says you have to do more or less, you can do whatever you want to do or have the time to do. BUT…… you won’t get any results worth getting excited about.

If you add your desired keywords to your pages then yes, you will provide a good focus for each page and give Google something to work with.

However, if your site isn’t completely optimized then you won’t get in front of much worthwhile traffic. You might have keyword rich pages, but if your pages don’t load quickly enough, you won’t rank, if you aren’t mobile friendly, you won’t rank, if you have links from bad neighbourhoods, you won’t rank, if your bounce rate is too high, you won’t rank, if your keyword density is too high, you won’t rank.

It’s surprisingly easy to fall foul of a Google penalty. That’s why it’s necessary to at least check all the elements of your website so that you know whats happening to your site & how healthy it is.

There are many different strategies to get good, consistent Google rankings, but most of them agree that you need to test, measure and monitor all of the important metrics that affect your rankings so you have a full picture of whats going on.

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