SEO Question: How Long Does It Take For My Website To Be Listed (Indexed) In All Of The Search Engines?

I’ve published a new website. How long does it take to be indexed in Google search?

Deeho Says:

Getting indexed in Google can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how you set up your website.

Google finds sites by following links from sites that it already has in its index. As a new site you won’t have any links from anywhere else so google has no route to follow to find you.

The other way to be found is to submit an XML sitemap to Google webmaster tools which lists all your web pages in a format that google can easily digest.

If you built your site using WordPress then the Yoast SEO plugin (search Yoast in add plugin tool) will generate and publish an XML sitemap for you and update it whenever you add new content.

All you need to do is to log into Google webmaster tools (Bing & Yahoo also have webmaster tools) and submit the URL or URLs of your sitemaps. This tells Google that you have published content and provides the links required for them to visit.

Once you have submitted your sitemap, Google spiders will visit your site & then you will indexed. (Assuming you have published good quality content).

To check if you have been indexed, open Google and search for and you will see one or more pages listed. Your home page should be first in the list.

To see all the pages Google have indexed, search for site: and all indexed pages will be listed.

If your home page (root domain) isn’t the top listed entry, or you don’t appear at all, you have an issue that google isn’t happy with.

Google webmaster tools has a ‘penalties’ section which will tell you if your site has any issues which need fixing.

If you have issues you are struggling to fix, request a free SEO audit and we will show you what needs to be done to fix the problems.

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