Question: How Can SEO Help My Web Site?

What are the benefits of SEO for me? Will SEO help my site?

Deeho Says:

Whether or not you need SEO is a decision you alone can make. Your SEO consultant carries out several important tasks which will help your site to remain search engine friendly, mobile friendly and compatible with the growing number of devices in use today.

SEO offers you the opportunity to be found in search when people search for the goods or services that you sell. This is a very targeted form of marketing as all of the visitors that find you using related keywords are actively looking for your products or offering.

An alternative to SEO is to advertise your site in the press, or by using email campaigns, postcards, event sponsorship etc.

Whichever route of traffic generation you choose it will cost you money for each visit you attract and you will need a healthy website that works well, loads quickly and displays your goods beautifully.

A reputable SEO agency will carry out a health check of your site as a part of their initial website audit. It’s advisable to have your site analysed so you can promote it online in confidence.

There is little point investing in advertising of any kind if your website is not fit to work effectively for you as a 24/7 sales tool.

You can find out how healthy your website is by requesting a free website audit here

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