Question: Should SEO Be Done In Stages?

Is it possible to SEO my site in stages, a bit at a time as I can afford it? 

Deeho Says:

Yes you can, but you will limit the ranking progress you make because everything you do on-page and off-page works together to provide your rankings.

This makes doing a bit at a time quite challenging because you won’t see much increase in traffic or rankings until the bulk of the work has been done.

It’s a bit like buying an aeroplane a bit at a time. You still can’t fly anywhere until you join all the bits together.

It makes good sense to get all your on-page factors optimized first, as they will insure that your site is at very least indexed by Google and is in good health, ticking all the boxes it needs to.

Off-page SEO (Link-building) needs to be a regular drip feed of new high quality links so that Google can see continual growth in popularity. If you have a growth spurt here and there it doesn’t look as natural and so can raise red flags which can cause you Google penalty issues if not managed correctly.

We would always suggest implementing a full SEO process to everything on-page and off-page to get the best results in the shortest time. (But then we would say that… we’re an SEO company!) The important thing is to understand the limitations of a piecemeal approach and manage your expectations to avoid disappointment.

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