Question: How does SEO work?

I need to get higher up in Googles rankings, how does SEO work?

Deeho Says:

SEO is in essence a simple process. You align 200 elements on your website with what google wants to see, and then make your site popular by building back-links from high quality ‘trusted‘ and ‘authoritative‘ websites that are related to your topic or business niche.

Google have created many ‘trapdoor’ quality filters that it is quite easy to fall through if you don’t know what you are doing. Each of these filters is designed to eliminate low quality results from their search listings so they provide better results for their users…. the jury is out on whether they actually achieve this or not!

Google runs what amounts to a giant popularity content online, the more trusted, well respected and popular sites rise to the top (hence sites such as Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, Tesco, Argos etc. always ranking well).

The SEO process is a self fulfilling prophecy, the more popular you become, the higher you rise in SERPs and the more sites link to you…… making you rise further. This process has the effect of rewarding already successful sites, making it harder for lower ranked sites to catch up.

Google rewards sites with content that references high quality content, so on masse many webmasters have linked in recent months and years to the sites that rank at the top for important keywords and phrases related to your content….. which just cements their position at the top, increasing their popularity, trust and authority.

A reputable SEO company will build your sites quality metrics, increasing your visibility online so that you begin to receive unsolicited links from quality sites.

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