WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

Please note: There is no point jumping to this section if you haven’t addressed and fixed the WordPress Performance Issues you can find here

SEO will make no difference to your search engine rankings if you don’t make your WordPress website a lean, high performance, fighting machine first!

On-Page WordPress SEO

On page optimisation refers to everything you need to do to the pages of your website.

Install the Yoast SEO WP Plugin. When you add a focus keyword the plugin will show you how well optimised your page content is for that word or phrase.

If you need to find a list of suitable keywords to optimise for, see here for keyword research information.

The second important feature Yoast offers is a readability analyser. This provides information as used by Google to determine if your content is easy to read.

In an ideal world, each of your pages needs a Green tick for SEO & Readability.

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Off-Page WordPress SEO

Off page SEO is the same for wordpress as it is for other website platforms.

Backlinks at the fuel that powers search engine rankings and building these links is at the heart of off-page SEO. It is everything that you do to your site off-page.

This also includes social media activity.

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