Bedford Web Optimisation

We Are A Leading Web Design Agency

Deeho Ltd are a leading one stop web shop, providing WordPress website design, optimised with SEO (search engine optimisation) & integrated social media to work for you online.

Local Optimisation & Your Website

We will make your site & business easy to find for what you do, not just for who you are.

Local Customers are more than likely the bread & butter of your business. Locality makes them convenient, easy to supply and service as well as limiting your delivery costs.

Attracting more local business is often an essential for the survival and growth of many businesses.

We give you;

  • A website that WILL work
  • Integrated Social Media for exposure across Bedfordshire
  • A proven “Sales Funnel” to convert web visitors into sales enquiries
  • Ongoing targeting & analysis of your web traffic
  • Online Trust & Authority required to rank well in Google & get noticed
  • Your website WILL be a 24/7 sales generating tool

An unoptimized website is like a lazy labrador, sitting around, eating you out of house and home when it could be a well trained retrieving machine, wagging its tail and making you happy by bringing what you ask for….. new customers!

We will train your site, teach it how to retrieve for you and keep it fit and healthy.

You will generate new business via search engine users who are actively searching online in the local area for your products and services.

These visitors are much more likely to call you or make an inquiry because your business meets their search criteria.

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Before we can optimize your website, we need to know the exact status and health of your site as it is now.

We do this with an optimization audit which will show us (and you) everything that is good and bad about your current site structure.

Armed with this information we will restructure your content, layout and website structure to target local Bedford prospects that are actively looking for a business like yours to supply them.


Our Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy Services

  • 175 Point SEO Audit

  • Everything you need to know about your websites current health & ability to rank in Google SERPs.
  • Local SEO

  • We WILL attract more local customers who are nearby to your Bedford business. Driving growth & your return on investment.
  • National SEO

  • Find new business at a national (or international) level & open up new markets, taking your business to the next level.
  • Shop / eCommerce Product Optimisation

  • If you sell products via eCommerce, you need volume sales from high traffic search terms.
  • Link Building Services

  • Increase your Companies Trust, & Authority with the addition of high quality, themed backlinks from well respected, niche specific websites.
  • Traffic Conversion

  • Traffic is useless if it doesn’t turn into sales or enquiries. We will increase your web traffic conversion for you.

Google measure over 200 elements on your website including;

Brand Authority

On-Page Relevance

Off Page Quality/Relevance


Social Popularity

Google need to see high quality, relevant page content, within a website that is respected and trusted online, supported by social media trust metrics (testimonials and reviews).

We tie all these elements together, making your website work for you.

 Website Audit

The Deeho Optimization process starts with a comprehensive web audit.

Online Marketing Expertise

Does your website deliver high quality, targeted traffic?

You can attract high quality, targeted Bedford based visitors with our bespoke inbound digital marketing optimisation service.

Because they are highly targeted, these visitors will want to buy from you.

Get in touch with us today and make a start generating more local Bedfordshire search engine traffic for your company.