SEO Services in Bedford

Deeho Ltd are the leading one stop web shop, providing WordPress websites designed & optimised to work online.

Your website has 4 opportunities to rank for local area searches:

Local Organic Search

Google doesn’t serve the same results to everyone. Depending on the browser each searcher is using and whether they are logged in to their Gmail account or not, the search engine provides personalised SERPs based on location and setting preferences.

This means that they don’t need to include your location in a search query in order to be shown your listing. Many users do include towns and cities in their searches so it’s important to appear locally whatever query is used.

Local PPC

Paid Adwords Ads can be targeted on Geographical locations. This lets you target specific areas, where you want to attract new customers.

Your Ads are only shown to people based within your chosen locations, so if you choose a radius of 15 miles from a town then your Ads will not appear to anyone outside of that location.

Google Maps

Local maps listings for business. These need to be set up correctly if you are going to appear in front of your target audience.

Maps listing often appear at the top of a search page. They contain up to 3 local businesses.

Video Listings

Videos are often ignored as a traffic source, but Google like to show a relevant video as one of the top ten listings if they consider one to be suitable.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google itself, so has the potential to deliver large volumes of traffic for local searches.

YouTube videos usually have priority, but Vimeo videos can also rank if no Youtube vidoe is available.

Google Shopping

Relevant shopping products at the top of suitable searches.

If you are competitive on price, Google shopping has traffic opportunities for you.

Making Your Website Work

Most people who search for products and services tend to choose from the top few results.

With our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service we drive highly targeted visitors that are searching online for suppliers of your goods and services in the Bedford area.

In tandem with traffic generation, we structure websites to convert visitors into paying customers.

There are several important elements that work together to make a website function as well as it can:

  1. Web design, site structure, hosting, page content & mobile compatibility all need to project a healthy, well managed site.

  3. User engagement includes bounce rate, pages viewed, traffic flows to and through your site, exit pages, conversions, social media mentions, reviews and popularity all send signals that real people like your site, find it useful and value the information you provide.

  5. Online popularity determines your websites authority & authority drives top rankings & therefore your traffic.

These three areas all work together & your site needs strength across all the important ranking elements if you are going to rank well.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy Services

  • 175 Point SEO Audit

  • We will reveal everything you need to know about your websites current health & ability to rank in Google SERPs.

  • Local SEO

  • How to attract more local customers close to your business location.


  • National SEO

  • Find new business at a national (or international) level & take your business to the next level.

  • Online Shop / eCommerce Product Optimisation

  • If you sell products via eCommerce, you need volume sales from high traffic search terms.

  • Link Building Services

  • Increase your Companies Trust, & Authority with the addition of high quality, themed backlinks from well respected, niche specific websites.

  • Traffic Conversion

  • Traffic is useless if it doesn’t turn into sales or enquiries. We will increase your web traffic conversion for you.

Attracting the right traffic for your business is crucial.

Random visitors might look good for your traffic stats, but these types of visitors tend to convert badly, if at all.

This in turn sends signals that your site isn’t relevant for those keywords and search terms & you will drop down Google’s rankings as a result.

Local SEO & Your Website

We will make your site & Business easy to find for what you do, not just for who you are.

You can generate new customers via search engine users who are actively searching online in the local area for your products and services.

These visitors are much more likely to call you or make an inquiry because your business meets their search criteria.

Bedford town map

Is Your Website Fit to Rank?

The sad truth is that most sites aren’t fit for purpose and never get close to achieving their full potential…… With our help, yours can be different.

Deeho are an experienced optimization company who work with many local companies, tying all of the necessary areas of your website together so they work in harmony.

Bedford has a population of 166,000 (2015 figures) & continues to grow.

As such, the town has a lot to offer locally for business’s looking for new customers.

Google measure over 200 SEO elements for each site including;

Brand Authority

On-Page Relevance

Off Page Quality/Relevance


Social Popularity

 SEO Audit

The Deeho Optimization process starts with a comprehensive web audit.

An audit will highlight all of your sites key ranking factors both good and bad.

This shows us every element of your search engine optimization that we need to fix before you can rank at top of search.

Importantly, this aligns your site for keywords, phrases and search terms that will convert into new business for you.

Deeho provide natural, totally organic, local search engine friendly traffic generation for local companies.

We work with national as well as regional businesses, both large & small, who are looking to grow their customer base.

The end result will make your site work for you, generating money & sales 24/7 night and day on autopilot.

Building Authority

The key to achieving top rankings is trust and authority.

Off-Page backlinks are the fundamentally driver of your Authority.

At Deeho we create high quality, relevant, niche specific content to link to your pages.

This new content comes from highly regarded, relevant & themed sites that the major search engines already trust and value.

Since these pages pass their trust and authority metrics to your site, you then climb up the search rankings.

SEO Expertise

Does your website deliver high quality, targeted traffic?

You can attract high quality, targeted visitors with our bespoke inbound digital marketing optimisation service.

Thus, targeted visitors will want to buy from you.

Get in touch with us today and make a start generating more local search engine traffic for your company.