Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an umbrella term that covers content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Through the creation of valuable descriptive content online, potential customers are drawn to your goods and services.

Different offerings on pages of your website are linked to from articles placed on web 2.0 online properties, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ as well as through the power of SEO and primarily Google SERPs.

Everyday, billions of searches are done on Google & other search engines. Well written blog & article content will often rank well for longer tail search terms, attracting interested visitors who then click through to your website page offer or information.

Inbound Social Media Marketing

Building a following across social media of interested prospects allows you to target your audience in a cost effective manner. While many social media users don’t use their accounts for shopping, Facebook especially is becoming a valuable resource for targeting people who show an interest in what you are selling.

Facebook marketing can be very successful for targeting different demographics. If your target audience is 25 to 35, female, based in the UK or USA you can choose to show Ads to just those people, reducing potential wasted spend. ….. learn more about facebook marketing here

Content Marketing

Content marketing fell out of favour in 2012 when Google performed a mass cull of many lower quality article publishing websites. Since then however, the web 2.0’s that survived have grown from strength to strength, providing an opportunity for you to publish great quality content that drives visitors through to your primary content containing your offering.

Content is king and can be very powerful, but, and it’s a big but, creating high grade content that Google will reward is not to be underestimated. If you try to cut corners and costs by publishing low quality content, duplicate, badly written, generic etc, then Google’s advanced quality control algorithms will identify that content as poor and rather than receiving the boost in traffic that you were expecting, you will instead be penalised for being linked to by low quality content. ….. need to know more about what constitutes good quality content, click here

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is quite possibly the most powerful method of inbound marketing, however it can be fraught with hazards and pitfalls for the uninitiated. Google uses a series of over 200 different metrics to rank relevant websites in order of trust and authority. Unless you test and optimize each and every one of these metrics to comply with googles ideals, you can easily fall foul & suffer in their results, often without even knowing why.

However, if you apply naturalised SEO to each page of your site, and then build high quality links pointing inbound from trusted content then you will rise in the rankings and start to achieve visitors who are actively looking for what you sell and offer. …. read more here

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