Facebook Marketing

Are you looking to market your products or services through Facebook?

 Do you want to leverage your Facebook page to drive quality traffic to your website?

Does your Facebook page take a lot of your time without giving you much return?

Are you curious what you are doing wrong?


We Will Make Facebook Marketing Work For You

One of the biggest problems business owners have with Facebook is the time it takes to constantly update their Facebook business page with high quality, relevant posts that their contacts and fans will like.

Don’t have a Facebook page yet for your business?……. Where’ve you been? Social has the potential to drive a significant volume of targeted visitors to your website pages.


Is Your Facebook Page A Part Of Your Sales Funnel?

A fully functioning sales funnel will find potential customers for you, give them information about your goods and services and then direct your users towards the next stage of your sales process, be it, contacting you via phone, email, direct message etc. or to download more information, request a brochure, or whatever.

Most business owners miss out on sales because they don’t integrate their Facebook page with their website.

A Facebook business page should be thought of as a focused landing page, designed to attract the attention of FB users who at different times may be looking for your products, services, tips etc.

From that landing page, you should have a clear call to action to direct interested people towards more detailed information….


How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Let’s assume that you have found the ‘add a new page’ button and made a start creating a Facebook page for your business.


There are several key ingredients that will make your FB page work for you;


Banner Image

The large banner image at the top of your page is your opportunity to grab your visitors attention. Facebook recently changed their policy on allowing images with text in the banner image, which means that you can add valuable information into your banner image….. this is your biggest chance of capturing attention.


Logo Image

This should convey your branding, so your page is easily identifiable as your company page. Having said that, people do business with people, so if you are a one person business, your smiling face won’t do much harm here!


Call To Action

Once you have 30 fans, you will be invited to add a ‘call to action’ into the banner area of your page. This can link directly to a page of your website, your contact page, or a specific product or service page.

While you are gathering followers, it’s a good practice to create a ‘call to action’ post and pin it to the top of your page.


Finding Fans

Your Facebook page is where you are going to build a ‘community’ of people interested in your goods, services or offering. The more focused your ‘community’ is, the more engagement you will ultimately have.

Targeting fans is neither easy nor often cheap, especially if you opt for Facebook’s preferred route and advertise in order to build your fan base. Advertising can work well, and you will build real, interested followers, but at a price.

The second option is to network with potential fans by joining all relevant Facebook groups you can find and engaging with those groups. Users will then visit your page and you will build your fan base.

Beware the myriad of low cost ‘fans for sale’ opportunities available on sites like Fivrr. You are unlikely to attract many ‘real’ fans who are actually interested in your company.


Updates & Posts

If you don’t update your page regularly, few or maybe none of your Facebook fans will notice. Instead, they’ll notice your competitors posts and updates.

Adding new content on a regular basis is the best way to build trust and of course potential customers.


Going Viral

We all want to go viral….. millions of hits to your page and website can make you a small fortune, but creating that piece of viral content is far from an easy task.

By definition, going viral is the process of producing content that your fans share with their friends, who then share it with their friends and so on…..

If you pause to study some recent viral content, you will soon notice that many examples are videos of animals doing humorous things…… rather than a photocopier salesman’s latest special offer…… which is a much harder sell.

If you want to create something truly viral then you are going to have to get creative, step away from your core offering and relate your business to amuse and entertain people……… what have meerkats got to do with insurance?……. but they sell an awful lot of it!



To make your page work, you need your fans to engage with your content….. like it, share it, comment on it, add to it…… ENGAGEMENT.

When your fans engage with your posts, new people will get to see your posts in their feeds, giving you leverage to grow your brand and attract more fans.

Facebook provide performance stats so you can easily see how well your posts perform.


Facebook Reviews

Reviews on your Facebook page provide an opportunity for your customers to leave feedback and testimonials where they will benefit your future exposure both within Facebook as well as across search networks.


Sharing Your Website Content

Do you have share buttons on your website pages? …….. If not…… go get some! (We recommend Cresta Social for WordPress users) which allows you add easy to use social sharing buttons to every post and page.

Sharing buttons are not the same as having buttons that like to your social media accounts…… sharing buttons allow your website visitors to share your content with their friends and followers across their social accounts…. potentially getting you in front of massive audiences. (see our sharing buttons at the bottom of this post……