09Dec 2019

Do I Need a Child Theme? A WordPress Child-Theme is a valuable tool in your website arsenal. WordPress frequently update their core files, mostly to improve the battle against ongoing security issues. In response to WordPress Core Updates, plugin developers have to update their plugins too to ensure that they continue to work with the […]

09Dec 2019

Which WordPress Theme is Best? Themes and Plugins can all vary in size. Some WordPress Theme designers don’t consider the performance of their sites. They just create visually pleasing Themes with little thought for you or how you will want the Theme to perform. Knowing whether or not you are choosing a high performance Theme […]

09Dec 2019

WordPress Set Up Your WordPress set up will in many ways help to determine how successful your website is in the future. How WordPress Works Your Website is Built Like a Car: There are several important factors to consider before you begin to build your new website & you should ask whoever builds it for […]

22Sep 2019

Authority Score V Trust Flow Different Backlink Analysis Tools present their backlink ranking scores differently. Trust Flow as used by MajesticSEO is a lower score than Ahrefs and Moz (Authority Score), but fundamentally means the same thing. Comparison of Scores is below:

12Sep 2019

Major Google NoFollow 2.0 Update for Sept 2019 NoFollow 2.0: As of the 10th Sept 2019, Google have made a significant change to how they require webmasters to tag all backlinks. Prior to this date, backlinks either carried no tag or the “NoFollow” tag, to indicate that Google Bots should not either follow the link, […]

03Jan 2019
Deeho SEO - Making websites work online

2019 Can Be The Year You Finally Make Your Website Work For You Have you struggled in the past to make your website work? Do you get little or no organic search traffic? Do you pay to advertise without making sales? Are you tired of trying different online advertising without success? Have you wasted money […]

16Oct 2018

Hacking is a Growing Threat We all hear the all too frequent news stories about different websites and businesses getting hacked. Only recently we’ve had the NHS, BA, Facebook, Amazon & Google+…. and they are the ones who own up to it! If these large multinationals can get hacked then anyone can. The question these […]

30Aug 2018
increase web traffic the easy way

Drive More Website Visitors You can boost your web traffic with real, targeted ‘organic’ visitors and generate free traffic by following these steps… **UPDATED FOR 2018** Are you struggling to build your website traffic, despite trying every tip, trick and technique you could find online? Your visitor numbers just didn’t climb, regardless of what you […]

10Jun 2018

On-Page Optimisation ** UPDATED in June 2019 ** If you have been learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) and on-page set up then you are probably well aware by now that the end point that you are aiming for (i.e. top Google rankings for competitive search terms with lots of traffic) is not a static […]

25Mar 2018

Frequently Asked PPC Questions? Why can’t I just set PPC up myself? – You can is the simple answer, but that isn’t necessarily going to give you a good return on your investment. Google is in business to part you from as much of your hard earned cash as it can. Most people new to […]