Backlinks for Sale

Before you go ahead and buy a link, you need to understand what you are buying, why you are buying it and what it will do for you.

Backlinks power the internet and specifically search. A link from site A to site B passes a percentage of the trust and authority it has onto site B.

A high quality backlink has several key metrics which are essential if it is going to give you a benefit in search results.

First things first, quality is much more important than quantity. Although if you just have a few high powered links and nothing else, your site won’t look very natural which is also a bad thing.

You need a spread of backlinks of different strengths, from different sites obviously and pointing to different pages of your site. The bulk of your backlinks will however point to your home page.

Your Backlinks Need the Following Attributes:

  • From relevant sites / content.
  • Google Indexed
  • Category Specific
  • On Unique C Class IP’s
  • Contextual
  • Non Orphan
  • Varied, balanced anchor text
  • Do Follow
  • No bad neighbourhoods / link networks

It sounds complicated…… but it isn’t…… in essence…….

“You want a link from a page that contains relevant, related text content to the the page you want to link to, it needs to have links of its own pointing at it, that pass good trust and authority metrics, BUT, that also passes the desired backlink category that is preferable for your niche or subject. Your link needs to be in Google’s index, on a different Class C IP to all your other backlinks, and preferable be a text link from within the page content using a term of phrase that fits in with your backlink anchor profile for all your links. (Too many of the same exact match anchor text is very bad).”

If you tick all those boxes then you have got yourself a winning link that will help your Google rankings.

The big question is…… Where can I get high quality backlinks from?

Well… here is the answer to that question.

We can create them for you. We’ll find suitable sites that meet all of the criteria above and create a piece of content including your anchor text backlink to publish on it. Your new link will pass good quality trust and authority metrics because that is what we will design it to do.

Backlink Categories

Backlink categories are a less well known part of the SEO puzzle. Many link builders don’t even bother identifying the link category you need, let alone finding websites that will pass it to you, but the uncomfortable truth is that the vast majority of the top ranking sites today have a dominant link category in their backlink profile that has put them at the top.

If you are wondering why your SEO isn’t working very well then I will bet you a pound to a pinch of salt that your SEO company hasn’t addressed your backlink categorisation.

Backlink Pricing

  • Google Friendly
  • 100% Natural
  • Category Themed
  • 12 mth Guarantee
  • 24 mth Guarantee
  • Inc. 300 Word Blog
  • Inc. 500 Word Blog
  • Google Indexed
  • 1 x Anchor / URL
  • Unique IPs
  • Do Follow
  • Contextual
  • Bulk Discounts
  • 10 Day Delivery
  • DA 30+ from
  • £99 + vat
  • DA40+ from
  • £149 + vat
  • DA 50+ from
  • £245 + vat
  • DA 60+ from
  • £499 + vat