LinkedIn Marketing Services


LinkedIn is a must for every business looking to promote itself online. Not only can you and your employees/partners have personal pages detailing their role within your organisation, but you can set up and post to a LinkedIn Business Page which works in much the same way as a Facebook Business page does.

Business pages have the potential to rank well in Google SERP’s in addition to being found within LinkedIn itself.


LinkedIn Contacts

Much like Facebook, Google+ and indeed Twitter, the volume and quality of your contacts will ultimately determine the reach and impact that your LinkedIn account marketing has.


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has thousands of groups, related to almost any niche you can imagine. By joining relevant groups, you will be able to build your network of industry contacts.

You can also post content to specific groups, which can open the door to a world of opportunities for you.

To network effectively on linkedIn, you should make sure that you fully complete all elements of your profile, providing as much detailed information as possible.

Like the other social networks, LinkedIn works best when you step back from ‘transmit’ mode and engage with other people.


LinkedIn Endorsements

On linkedIn you have the option to endorse your contacts for skills that they have. These endorsements help to provide your profile with authority, so the more you can garner yourself, the more people will see your posts, updates and content.


Regular Updates

All social media channels need regular updates. In the same way as a blog soon loses some power and authority if it becomes neglected, the same thing happens with social networks.

If you post quality updates, that your users can engage with they will grow to value your opinion, recommend your content to others, share your content with their contacts, etc.