Google Plus (+) Marketing

The best way to think of Google Plus (+) is as Googles version of Facebook. For the past few years they have thrown a huge amount of money into G+ in an effort to steal some of Facebooks market share……. mostly without gaining much headway……. it turns out that most people are only prepared to use one social networking site and the one with all their friends on it is their choice.

This hasn’t prevented Google+ from gaining a large volume of registered users though. Google+ has a couple of tricks up it’s sleeve that have meant that a few hundred million people have signed up.


Google Places

Google moved Google Places (Google Local) to Google +, so Business Google+ Pages took over from Local Listings. This attracted millions of business owners to sign up for the opportunity to get a top ten listing for their business in their location.

Not only will your business be flagged on Google maps, but you will gain a listing in the top ten subsection of Google SERP’s. This is a great low cost traffic generator and you should take advantage of the opportunity.


Google Plus Reviews

Without paying for Feefo or Trustpilot review management services, the next best place to collect reviews is on your Google+ Business page. Google police these reviews quite strictly and trust them.

Reviews are rated depending on the source of the review, their activity, profile legitimacy etc.

The more reviews you can gather from satisfied, the better it is for your search engine optimization rankings. Reviews contribute towards your websites trust and authority metrics.

If you gather more than 30 in a 12 month period then you become eligible to have your stars rating included in your Google SERP’s listings. These can have a dramatic impact on your click through rate because your listing stands out from your competitors.