Web Designers Who Accept Bitcoin

We are proud to announce that we now accept Bitcoin (BTC). As a leading media business, it’s important for us to move with the times and by accepting leading cryptocurrencies (we also accept Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Litecoin) we offer a wider variety of payment options in a fast moving environment.

Offering a variety of payment options allows our customers more flexibility in how they choose to pay their invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Do We Make A Payment With Bitcoin?

Just request a BTC payment and we will send you our payment details. Using your Bitcoin wallet, you just have to scan the QR code we will send you and make the payment.

2. What About The Changes in Exchange Rate?

When you request making a cryptocurrency payment, we calculate the current exchange rate from British £ to BTC. we then send you a QR code for that amount which remains fixed for 24 hours.

3. How long do we have to make the payment?

You will need to make the payment within 24 hours of receiving the QR code from us.

4. Are Bitcoin Payments Safe?

Yes, as safe as any other method of payment. Your crypto wallet can be hacked in the same way that your online bank can be hacked, but if you take the same precautions and perform due diligence to stay safe online then you will be ok.

We recommend using Google Authenticator within your Crypto wallet for 2 stage authentication which makes it much harder for the bad man to rifle through your belongings.

5. Can I Pay for SEO with Bitcoin?

Yes, we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Ripple so you can pay for SEO with Cryptocurrency. All that is required is to agree a payment date and we will send you a payment request with a fixed exchange rate for that day in the currency of your choosing.

Bitcoin is the Future of Online Payments.

Even though a single coin is worth tens of thousands of pounds, each coin actually contains 100 million Satoshi which are the “cents” to the Bitcoin “Dollar”.

This means that BTC can be moved, transferred and used for payments up to 8 decimal places.

Currently, as we enter 2018, no one can be totally certain which of the thousands of cryptocurrencies will become the dominant method of online payment, and BTC is not without it’s faults currently.

However it does have first mover advantage and is currently 4 times larger than Ethereum, the next largest currency, with over 50% of the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

As with all things, in a few years time, we may well be paying for goods and services with a crypto that we haven’t yet heard of.

Or, BTC may continue to gain value and we may all be pauing for a coffee with 250 Satoshi.

I suspect that the first crypto to make itself as user friendly as “Apple” have done with mobile phones will become the defacto currency with the majority.

We intend to stay ahead of the curve and accept the leading cryptos for the benefit of our clients.

If you have any questions about paying us in BTC or any other crypto, please just ask…