Question: Do I need SEO?

We are frequently ask if SEO is essential for every website. The Question “Do I Need SEO?” is a question you need to ask yourself.

Deeho Says:

Many websites don’t actually need to rank first for high traffic search terms.

For lots of businesses, just ranking for their business name & URL gives them sufficient exposure and access to their customer base, while for others, being found for what they do, the products they sell and the services they offer.

Ultimately its up to you as the website owner to decide whether SEO is the right tool for your site. For some businesses, in very narrow business niches for example, it may never be worth the time and expense to SEO your site, while for many others with broader appeal their might be a significant future return.

If you want to be found online by people searching for what it is that you do, rather than just by people who already know who you are and can find you by typing your domain name into their search bar, then you need SEO.

Many people carry out search engine optimisation without really thinking through why they are doing it and what they want to achieve. It’s very important to have a clearly defined set of goals for your campaign so that you work effectively towards generating highly qualified traffic.

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