Question: How Important Is It To Optimize My Web Site For Search Engines?

Do I have to optimize my website? How important is it and what are the benefits?

Deeho Says:

No is the short answer, you don’t have to do and SEO at all. The benefit of SEO (Optimization) is that your site will rank for the products you sell, the things you do, the services you offer etc. so people who don’t know you can find you online and you can grow your business.

Many businesses survive perfectly well without SEO, using traditional media such as magazine adverts, TV, newspapers, email marketing, social media, word of mouth etc, but for many, it is more cost effective to get in front of the millions of people who search every day for goods and services.

It very much depends on your business and where you generate new business from. For lots of companies, a continual stream of new customers is vital for profitability, while for others, an existing customer base or being in a very small niche means that they don’t need to keep generating new sales from people who don’t know them.

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