How To Write Awesome Copy Every Time

Effective copywriting is a frequently misunderstood skill. Being able to explain yourself in words effectively, clearly, concisely so that your readers understand what you’re telling them is a rare talent.

The basic principle of great copywriting is to make your readers do what you want them to do……. Do your readers follow your call to action? No? Read on…

There is a basic premise for good content structure, especially on the web. This is the core structure that you need your content to follow;

  1. This Is Your Problem, Need, Desire
  2. Here is My Solution to Your Problem
  3. Here is why my Solution Will Work For You
  4. Here is How To Get It

People search online everyday for solutions to their problems. They might need a product, a service, some advice etc. but the core need is the same. People want a product or service that will solve their problem.

copywriting, what makes people read your content?

The Purpose of Your Copy

Why do you put words on the page? If you ask yourself this question before you write a word, it will focus your mind on providing the answer that your visitor wants.


Your headline needs to grab the readers attention. I am sure you have probably read this a hundred times, already, but you have fractions of a second to convince your readers that they are in the right place.

Once you have convinced them not to leave and look for a better solution, you need to convince them that you have the right solution for them.

Benefits For The User

This is where you need to extol the BENEFITS of your solution, how it will help them. You need to paint a picture of how much better their life will be with your solution in their lives.

Features of Your Solution

Once you have highlighted the benefits, you can start to expand on the FEATURES of the product or service. Features are far less important than the Benefits to the user.

This is also the point in your copy to include teasers where applicable such as “You will discover three little known short cuts to creating killer web copy in under 15 minutes”.

It is also good practice to connect features with their benefits where possible.

Social Proof – Testimonials

Next, establish why you should be their go to expert for this product or service. There are several ways to do this, depending on whether you are selling products (no one cares who you are, just that you deliver the products or services and that they work), or are selling a skilled service.

Fundamentally, humans are herd animals, many of us subconsciously look for reassurance from the collective wisdom of a crowd.

On a website you can use this to your advantage by demonstrating that many other people have had their problems solved using your service or product, and it’ll work for them too. (The power of social proof – testimonials).

Call To Action

Lastly, TELL THEM WHAT TO DO NEXT….. don’t trust anyone to click a link, tell them to click the link and take the first step to great web copy…. Or whatever it is you want them to do.

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