I Added New Content But My Rankings Dropped?

Within a few days of adding new images to some of my pages along with some additional text, my rankings for those pages dropped 2 – 5 pages in Google. What’s the cause? I thought Google liked new content?

Deeho Replies:

In principle, yes, Google does like new content, as long as it adds to the conversation and provides useful information which people will value. There are a few reasons why your images and text would affect your rankings;

  1. Image size. If you uploaded large image files without compressing them for web then this will affect the load speed of your site, which in turn will harm your rankings.
  2. The text that you added has affected the keyword density for your page, causing the focus of your page to reduce, resulting in drops in SERPs.

Check your load speed and if it measures up then you will need to look at the difference in keyword density before and after your content changes.

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