Frequently Asked PPC Questions?

Why can’t I just set PPC up myself?

– You can is the simple answer, but that isn’t necessarily going to give you a good return on your investment.

Google is in business to part you from as much of your hard earned cash as it can.

Most people new to Google PPC tend to follow Google’s recommendations, which are; to keep adding as many keywords as are recommended, and to use as bigger budget as you can afford, and consequently, many campaigns soon fail.

We work differently.

Because we work hard to deliver a great return on your investment, we begin with a small controlled campaign, using only highly focused keywords that will convert into real customers for you.

From there, once we have a proven return for you, we then scale up the campaign to the level you desire.

By working this way, we can make absolutely certain that every element of your website is working effectively for you before you have spent lots of money finding out that something doesn’t work properly.

Writing good targeted Ads isn’t easy, and most people write general Ads that encourage clicks from almost anyone, using keywords that lack focus.