SEO Question: Should I run ads as well as ranking organically?

I am building links to rank organically, but should I have run ads (paid) for the same keyword too?

Deeho Says:

When you first start optimizing a site, you have a whole load of keywords that you more than likely don’t rank very highly for.

Over time as your rankings and traffic increase, you will begin to see a return.

In the beginning, with no rankings, no traffic many businesses use pay per click from the beginning to get the traffic they need. This also allows then to refine and hone their sales funnel and conversion rate so they sell as much as possible.

Once your organic rankings start to improve and you gain traction and targeted traffic you have two choices, you can cut your advertising costs by switching off the keywords that you rank for or you can keep those Ads going and maximise your returns.

It all depends on your budget and your return on investment. If your site is delivering a positive return for you then scaling your advertising makes economic sense.

If you aren’t making money when you run ads then the odds are that you won’t make money through organics either. If you are in this situation then you need to look closely at your keywords when you run ads so that you only advertise for terms that convert into sales for you.