What is Web Traffic Conversion Rate?

Your web traffic  conversion rate is the ratio between the amount of visitors that you receive compared to the amount of sales, phone calls, on information requests that you receive from those visitors. Many website owners believe, quite wrongly that if only they could drive more traffic to their website, that they would convert more visitors into paying customers.

To a certain extent this is true, but it can be an expensive way of growing your client base. It is far more cost effective to first improve your website conversion rate so that when you increase your volume of traffic, you benefit with a magnified effect.

web traffic conversion rate

Your website conversion rate is governed by many things. It might not be as straight forward as how many people complete a purchase from you, but instead, might include the volume of visitors who request more information, downloaded content or signed up to your newsletter. It all depends upon your call to action, how compelling it is and what your desired end result is.

Elements that can effect your conversion rate, include the colours that you use, the page layout, the specific words that you use, how you structure your content and your ‘call to action’ as well as the tone of your site which can have a major impact on the visitors experience depending on whether you have written it to display your products and services, or written it to show the problems that you can solve and then demonstrating your solution for your visitors.

The most important thing to consider when working on your conversion rate, is to test and measure everything. Only then will you be able to accurately determine the outcome of each action that you take.

While you go through this process, it is important to bear in mind that some of the changes that you make will not necessarily be improvements, and only by testing changes one at a time will you be able to separate the successful updates from the failures.

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