Why Should You Choose Deeho?

We are often asked what makes Deeho different? Why are Deeho unique? and How we do things differently to other internet marketing & development companies?

There are literally millions of web design and internet marketing companies to choose from, so why should you choose us for your web development?

The majority of companies usually have a speciality, be it web design, SEO, traffic conversion, social media marketing, PPC Management etc.

However, they then add in the other services on their websites in the hope of attracting more business, many do this without understanding how to integrate all these different elements that are required today to make a website work.

We have structured ourselves differently;

  1. We started life as a search engine optimization (SEO) company, using Google friendly processes to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

  2. We soon employed a specialist WordPress web designer so we can effectively integrate everything needed for SEO into every site we build.

  3. Hosting is far more important that many website owners believe. Your web server needs to be fast, stable and secure. We use bespoke dedicated WordPress hosting, designed to maximise the features of WordPress, giving you the fastest loading website possible.

  4. We then employed proven traffic conversion experts to provide the last piece in the website puzzle. Proven web conversion strategies that will convert your visitors into new business for your comapny are integrated into our websites at the design phase, giving you a fully functioning website that will out perform your competitors.

  5. We next attracted some of the leading social media marketing experts. Since 2006 social media has been growing in influence and today is more important than ever. Our inhouse expertise allows us to integrate your social media channels with your website, reducing the time and effort it takes you to manage your social media marketing as well as dramatically increasing the traffic you can drive through your social verticals.

  6. Our Pay Per Click (Adwords PPC) account managers average initial savings of around 40% on our clients spend. In conjunction with our traffic Conversion (TC) team, we put conversion & goal tracking in place across all your traffic sources, so we can cut wasted spend, increase conversions by targeting keywords and Ads that convert for you, and increase your return on investment (ROI).

  7. Our specialist integration account managers oversee each project from start to finish. We are a bunch of control freaks….. almost right isn’t what we do….. we make sure that every aspect of your site is as good as it can be…… that is why our websites work.

Intergrating all of these elements using different companies is almost impossible because many individual specialists struggle to integrate their expertise with that of other independent specialists. Because our team all work from the same set of rules, our processes all dovetail perfectly together.

What Do Our Clients Think...

Top Google Rankings

Getting to the top of Google today is dependent on many inter related factors and relies on them all working together in perfect harmony. Most web design companies don’t appreciate the importance of many of the necessities you need if you are to attract quality traffic and have it convert into real business.

You need to talk to proven specialists….. ask us how we can help make your website work for you

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