Google Panda Updates have changed the game forever

Since Google spent the bulk of 2011 trying to remove content farms from its index, or at least to reduce their rankings in SERPS, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your website content writing is grounded on quality.

The days of producing low quality content to fill your pages is over, so for 2012 you need to embrace the concept of taking more time and effort writing high quality, unique content that your readers will find useful and informative.

Writing Quality Website Content

The age old premise that every page of your site should serve a purpose is now more true than ever. Each and every page of web content needs not only to be unique, but it also needs to inform, be constructed well, be grammatically accurate and to offer something to your readers.

Here is a list of points to consider for your content;

writing duplicate content and site quality

If you follow these guidelines and aim to produce well written, good quality, unique content, that your visitors want to read, then your site won’t be penalised in search.

In time, as the Google Panda algorithm develops, it is likely that we will all need to produce ever higher quality content, so start now, and benefit not only from better rankings, but from better interaction with your clients too.

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