Question: Should I Hire Someone or Do My SEO Myself?

I want to improve my rankings in Google, but my question is…. can I do my SEO myself of should I hire someone to do it for me? I have a small budget, but not much.

Deeho Says:

Of course you can do it yourself. There is no element of SEO that you can’t do if you take the time and effort to learn what you are doing.

SEO is increasingly complex and there is a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

You will require time, patience and a good SEO tutorial to get you started.

As important as doing positive things to improve your rankings is to avoid doing anything that actively harms your rankings and Google has over time added more and more of these.

Your website needs to meet minimum criteria to be included in google index & if you meet all those criteria, you just need to increase your trust and authority online to move up the rankings.

The advantage of doing your own SEO is that you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your own business and online marketing. You will also save yourself money by not paying and SEO company to do the work for you.

The disadvantages are that in all likelihood it will take you longer to get results because you will be learning as you go. It’s all to easy to make mistakes and some could be very costly to your website, resulting in a Google penalty which would be counter productive.

Good SEO specialists have all the tools and knowledge they need to hit the ground running and get you a faster result. The question you need to ask yourself is whether your time would be better spent concentrating on your core business and leave your online marketing to a professional?

Creating high quality links to promote your website is a time consuming and costly process. In recent years the cost of links has risen as the quality of links required has increased. There are no short cuts, you need high quality links from respected, authority sites and either you or an SEO company need to create them for you.

Ultimately if you have basic web design skills so you can align your site content for load speed, responsive mobile device compatibility, reduce your bounce rate, optimize keyword density, apply latent semantic indexing to the keywords you use, structure your navigation hierarchy, etc. then you can SEO your site.

Leading SEO agencies run continual testing and implementation experiments across test sites. This process allows them to monitor all the the algorithm changes that Google implement on a regular basis. If you choose a reputable SEO provider then you will benefit from this accumulated knowledge.

The question you should really be asking is; Can I get as good a result if I do SEO myself?

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