How To Write A Great YouTube Title

So you want to make a great YouTube video that gets lots of views and interactions? Well, don’t forget your YouTube title because this is literally one of the most important parts of creating your video. Some people will even argue it is the most important part since without a great title, no one will ever see your video anyway.

youtube title is very important

So why is your YouTube title so important?

Let’s look at some basic reasons:

1. It tells the viewer what your video is about

2. It provides keywords to show up in search

3. It captures the viewer’s attention

So as you can see, the title is important. When you use keywords in your titles, your videos are more likely to show up in search and be found by people who care and want to see them. However, there needs to be more than just some keywords stuffed in there.

For example, let’s say your video is about how to bathe a cat. If you title it “bathe cat”, it might show up in search but it might not sound interesting or exciting enough for people to want to click on it.

But look at these titles:

1. How to Bathe a Cat without Losing Any Lives

2. Bathing a Cat: Do Not Try this at Home

3. The Ultimate Video Guide to Bathing a Cat

4. How to Bathe a Cat in 10 Minutes

5. How to Bathe Your Cat at Home

These are just a few ideas. You can decide based on the topic of your video but these are much more likely to capture the interest of the viewers than simple keywords alone. Optimizing your title is important but so is having an interesting title that people will want to click on.

When creating your title, think about what viewers will want to know about your video. For example, is it just someone bathing a cat or is a how to video? Is it a funny video or a serious tutorial? These are all questions that can be answered with a proper title.

Now if you want to buy more views, you can get a jumpstart but the real views will start pouring in on their own when you learn to create perfect titles.

You do want to add 1-3 keywords in your title where appropriate. This will help your video be found in both Google search and YouTube’s search functions. But don’t make the title too long- between three and fifteen words is ideal. Don’t try to be cute with your title if it’s not going to make sense or show up well in search. This is about getting more views, not winning literary contests.


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