How To Offer Valuable Web Content

We are constantly asked what represents quality website content?

Google especially is only interested in listing high quality, USEFUL content at the top of its listings, so providing pages that offer value has never been more important.

The key is to think about what people searching for a term of phrase are looking for, and then presenting it to them.

The majority of websites are written from the website owners point of view……. we are this….. we provide this, and that…… we’ve been in business since xyz….. we have this much experience….. etc.

If instead you focus your content on the user, so you provide information that will help them towards solving their problem, just as this page does for example, you will engage with your readers much more, be shared socially, have visitors that stay on your pages for longer, and have more sales and enquiries as a result.

A good page provides original, well constructed content full of detail, references to authority related resources that add to your content and these elements collectively combine to give all the information about the search term or phrase, making your page the best result to return in SERPs.

This is where most website owners fall down, by not filling out their content to give a comprehensive answer to the query.

A good starting point is to ask;

  • Who?
  • Why?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • What?

If you think about what people are looking for when they search, you will immediately be ahead of the majority of website content.

Don’t be afraid to link out to authority websites that provide detailed information about related content. Google see this as a good thing….. for example, if you are a driving instructor, linking to the DVLA for driving licence application information, and highway code information, theory test centre information etc. is seem as being helpful and adding to your content. (Obviously it is good practice to use the target=”_blank” attribute in those links so that they open in new windows…… keeping your web page open).

Which driving instructor do you think will rank highest in SERPs, one who simply says we teach people to drive in Birmingham, lessons are £60 an hour……. or one who covers the topic in depth, providing a useful resource that provide everything, or a link to everything a new driver will need in order to learn to drive?

The more information you offer, (that’s original, well written and offers value) the more valuable your site will be considered to be.

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